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Ralph Gagliani, DDS


Dear Family, Friend, and Patients,

After 30 years of practicing dentistry and after nearly twenty-four years in my office in beautiful Talmadge I have determined that it is the appropriate time to pass on my dental practice to a capable successor.

The years of dentistry have taken a toll on my neck, shoulder, and lower back. Slowly over the last few years, I realized I was unable to maintain the pace required by the practice and I began to slow things down. Other medical issues arose, and it because very clear it was time to plan for a transition out of the practice and to find the perfect successor for the next 30 years.

As many of you know, I take great price the prior history of this practice. The legacy of the practice began with a great man in the 1950s. Dr. Eugene Saare was followed by another wonderful dentist and person, Dr. Ralph Tardugno, I feel truly honored to have been the third dentist in a practice that was founded on sound morals and principles. My predecessors set an example to treat patients as family and, to always provide a comfortable environment that fosters confidence in our patients that they are receiving expert care. The idea of the practice has always been to provide long-term value by using time-tested materials and procedures while also utilizing new technology when appropriate.

I am proud to introduce my successor, Dr. Alexandros Reizian. Dr. Reizian is a first generation Greek American. He actually has both Greek and American roots. Dr. Reizian was born in San Diego and attended Granite Hills High school before earning his bachelor’s degree in Biology at San Diego State University. He received his dental degree from the University of Nevada School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Reizian then completed a one-year hospital-based postgraduate residency program at the Eastman Institute for Oral Health in Rochester, New York. Over the last three years, he has been gaining experience working a full-time schedule in a different practice setting here in San Diego.

As patients of the practice, you all know how very important the office’s entire staff has been my entire career. Becky, Danielle, Cindy, Salina and I have become family over the years. Each of them will continue to care for all of you along with Dr. Reizian. My family will be treated by Dr. Reizian, including me, “The cobbler is always last to get his shoes.”

Fortunately, I will be able to contribute to the practice. Dr. Reizian and I have agreed that I will continue providing orthodontics services in the practice. I’m looking forward to continuing all the current regular “braces” and Invisalign cases. Dr. Reizian and I will also be working together on specific cases when appropriate.

Many thanks for making the last twenty-four years both enjoyable and professionally rewarding. Happy Holidays to each of you and here’s to wishing you all the healthy and happy New Year.


Ralph Gagliani, DDS

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